About Us

Pretty Media Concept Ltd Nigeria,
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Pretty Media Concept Ltd is a world-class media establishment that has over the last decade been involved in media services. In Pretty Media Concept Limited the term professionalism is key and expertise in film, video and all other aspects of media and entertainment in every genre is guaranteed, critically and commercially acclaimed.

Pretty Media Concept Ltd (RC 1237875) Officially incorporated as a limited liability company in 2014, with Three media professionals as board members and one executive secretary.

To build the most reliable one-stop-shop Media Services Resource Centre

To provide services that will meet the clients needs

The team has a bunch of experiences, especially in production and content arrangement in all genres of TV and film; we are involved with government ministries and agencies providing them with diverse contents.

We like to explore, trying new things, new technologies, new ideas, new approaches and spotting trends globally and around us, giving our clients the best.

We’re as excited as you are about your work, that’s why we do everything it takes to ensure our client’s happiness. We meet deadlines.

Pretty Media Concept Ltd is a high profile integrated marketing communications firm run by a team of consultants with a vast and enriching experience.